A pilot report about the D2

By Geert Lemmens

The two place Delta made by Bart Verhees is as much a curiousity as its little predecessor. Unexpectedly Bart asked me if I was interested to fly with it. The execution of this proposal was not long after and full of expectations I climbed via the little rope ladder on the wing . From the wing I stepped into a very spacious aircraft. I don’t know why but I fancied myself in a WW2 bomber.

Bart explained me the ins and outs of the aircraft and after having done all checks we took off. From that moment on you are in an aircraft and forget that it is of a somewhat different shape compared with more conventional models. The aircraft flies very well.

During the flight I had to take my time to look at all the gauges, levers and other commands and to study the operation. After having executed some stalls we flew back into te pattern where we practiced some touch and goes.

It was a terrific experience that I would’n like to have missed.

Bart, thanks again.

About the author: Geert is chief flight instructor at Aeroclub Sanicole, famous for their yearly airshow. He has flown many light aircraft and also the Antonov AN2.