D1 specifications

Weights and dimensions
Wingspan (m)4,5
Length with Subaru engine (m)3,3
Wing area (m2)10
Cabin width (at shoulders) (m)1,4
Cabin length (m)1,5
Empty weight prototype (kg)210
Max. take-off weight (kg)340
all at ISA, sea level, with 50 HP Subaru engine
Cruise speed (km/h)220
Vne (km/h)270
Stallspeed (km/h)85
Best climb (at 160 km/h, gear up, MTOW) (fpm)700
Take off over 15m obstacle (m)500
Take off run (m)300
Landing distance over 15m obstacle (m)500
Tank content (ltr)60
Endurance, 30 min reserve (hrs)4
Range, no wind, 30 min reserve (km)880

Engine on prototype Subaru EA 71, 1600 cc, 50 HP in direct drive, liquid cooled, uses 13 l/hr mogas at cruisespeed

Propeller on prototype: 138×110 cm wood, fixed pitch

Construction: all metal, main structure aluminum 6061 or 2024

Landing gear: monowheel type, retractable and steering mainwheel with rubber compression spring
tailwheel with shock cord suspension
tipwheels with metal torsion spring suspension

Suitable engines:

The prototype is fitted with a 1600 cc Subaru EA 71 engine, propeller directly fitted to the crankshaft. The engine is lightened, all redundant aluminum is milled from the housing and the steel oilpan is replaced by an aluminum one.
The cooler is placed in the starboard wing.

Other engines that will do the job are the 1800 cc VW and the 80 HP Jabiru although this one would not fit in as nicely as the other ones.

You can also install a 2 stroke like the Rotax 582 but the fuel consumption will be more.