Kit production

The Verhees Delta 2 is available as kit aircraft, making it the only Delta kitplane available at the moment.

The kit will contain:

– all parts for building the airframe

– all sheets cut and folded

– all steel parts welded and machined

– bots and nuts, rivets, special tools, wheels and tyres

– drawings

– builders’ manual

– pilot operating handbook

– maintenance shedule.

The kit will not contain the engine, propeller, instruments and glue*.

*the glue has a shelf life of 1 year. Glue will be supplied on demand or can be bought directly from manufacturer.

Kitprice  € 25.000,- excl VAT or import duties. (customers outside EU don’t pay VAT)

Transport to USA: ca. € 1400,-

Contact us for info and reservation of your kit: