D2 specifications

Weights and dimensions D2 Most 2 seaters
Wingspan (m)5,48
Length (m)4,77
Wing area (sq m)15,511
Cabin width (m)1,461,1
Cabin length2,21,5
Empty weight prototype (kg)275
Max. take-off weight (kg)600
Payload (kg)325240
all at ISA, sea level, with MTOW
Engine power (HP):100 80-130
Cruise speed @75%P (km/h)240160-250
Max level speed, full throttle, 5000 rpm (km/h)260
Vne (km/h)300
Stall speed (km/h)85
Best climb (at 120 km/h, gear up, MTOW) (fpm)850
Best climb at 500 kg (2 adults, 4 hr fuel) (fpm)1300600-1000
Best glide angle (at 150 km/h, gear up) 1:10
Take off over 50′ obstacle (m)500
Take off run (m)350
Landing distance over 50′ obstacle (m)450
Tank content (ltrs)14070
Endurance, 30 min reserve (hrs)84
Range, no wind, 30 min reserve (km)1800700

The cabin has an even floor.

The wings are foldable.

Engine Rotax 912 ULS,
uses 18 l/hr mogas at cruise speed, 16 l/hr at 220 km/h.

Propeller on prototype Woodcomp VAR-2, variable pitch.

Construction, main structure aluminum 2024, ribs of hard foam.

Landing gear steering monowheel type with rubber compression spring,
tailwheel with shock cord suspension,
tipwheels with metal spring suspension.